Winergy Equilibrium launches fibre-based balancer

  • Winergy Equilibrium has launched its first ever fibre-based balancer.

    “With our 20 years of research into the digestive health of thousands of horses, we know that fibre and oil are the best way to feed a horse,” said Winergy’s Helen Walker.

    “Winergy Equilibrium Balancer is the next step — the first of its kind on the market offering all the benefits of a balancer in fibre and oil form.”

    The company says the recipe has been proved to maximise digestive health, plus includes concentrated vitamins and minerals — aimed to give horses key nutrients without too many calories.

    There’s also no need to add extra chaff. “This, combined with good quality protein to support topline and oil for slow-release energy and coat shine, means you’ve got all your horse’s feeding needs in one bag,” added a company spokesman.

    Winergy Equilibrium Balancer costs £22 for a 15kg bag.

    For more information visit: www.winergy.com

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