Who is your priority on Valentine’s Day?

  • Today (14 February) is meant to be all about your partner, but this might not be true for some horse owners.

    It’s a question frequently asked in the equestrian world: “Who comes first, your horse or your partner?”

    Equine insurance provider, Petplan Equine posed this question on its Facebook page and found 90% of respondents favour their horse. Many also put their dog or cat ahead of their other half.

    “The horse doesn’t abandon me for the pub” and “Horse! Men are cheaper to replace” were just some of the comments posted.

    One man even admitted he was beginning to wish he was called Dobbin.

    “I’m sure that there are many people who have long suspected they are behind their other half’s horse in the pecking order and this exercise has certainly shown that to be true in many cases. On the plus side, it’s lovely to see how highly valued many of our horses are,” said Charlotte Collyer of Petplan Equine.

    As horse lover Laura put it: “Who loves you more, your partner or your horse? Lock them both in a stable overnight, then see who’s happy to see you in the morning!”

    To join the debate, visit www.facebook.com/PetplanEquineUK

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