Wild horse killed by high-speed rally car in Argentina

  • A horse has been put down after being hit by a rally car in Argentina.

    Driver Federico Villagra was taking part in the Argentine Rally yesterday (Monday, 17 August) in General Roca when a herd of wild horses ran across the road in front of his rally car.

    The first horse to cross the dirt track was hit by Villagra’s Mitsubishi Evo and thrown 30m into the air.

    The horse was seriously injured and had to be put down. Two other horses narrowly avoided injury.

    Mr Villagra was unhurt, telling press that he was “fortunate” to escape without injury.

    “I was surprised that some horses crossed,” said Mr Villagra. “One hit the windscreen and flew over the car.’

    Wild horses are reportedly often a danger to rally drivers in Argentina.

    The video below captures the moment the horse was hit. Warning: you may find this video distressing.

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