What would you like to see in Horse & Hound?

  • Horse & Hound is looking for readers to take part in magazine research online. The survey, which focuses on the training features that readers want to see in the magazine, can be completed here.

    Those filling in the short survey will be given the chance to win a £25 Joules voucher — of those completed, two will be selected at random to each win a voucher.

    H&H Content Director Sarah Jenkins said: “We are always looking to improve our magazine content by researching what our readers want and need from us. Do please if you have a moment take the time to share your thoughts on the training features we currently include in the magazine and let us know what you would like to see more or less of in the future.”

    The survey asks readers to consider different treatments for training articles, from the Move It Like series introduced to the magazine last year, to top rider masterclasses and features tackling particular issues, such as straightness. The magazine is looking for ratings and comments on all their training content and welcome honest feedback.

    “We are committed to providing training content in the magazine that is of the right level and calibre to be entirely appropriate for our readers. We want to understand from as many of our readers as possible how we can do this in such a way that they will all benefit. We’re very aware that the vast majority of our magazine readers either compete at a high or very good level — or otherwise certainly aspire to do so — and though we want to include training advice that everyone can learn from, the last thing we want is to ask Olympians to advise them how to suck eggs — it’s a difficult balance and one we’re determined to get right.”

    Start the survey: www.horseandhound.co.uk/training-survey

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