What to wear. . . for indoor driving

  • Indoor driving encourages competitors to express individuality at competitions

    The sport of indoor driving trials provides drivers with a competition to keep themselves and their horses busy during the winter months. Drivers compete in three phases – precision and paces, cones and obstacles – with “marathon” turnout used throughout.

    Horses should wear a tidy and safe working harness – patent leather show harness is not suitable. Boots and bandages are allowed in all sections and there are no restrictions on bits.

    Carriages should be suitable for going cross-country and can have two or four wheels. Hackney wagons and show vehicles are not allowed. Vehicles may have pneumatic tyres but not spoke wheels, which rules out the majority of “exercise carts”.

    Drivers and grooms should wear “marathon dress”. Colourful matching team sweatshirts are encouraged with matching silks on their compulsorycrash hats, which must be of the current British standard as recommended by the BHDTA.

    Drivers are not advised to wear driving aprons, and gloves are the choice of the individual. Comfortable footwear with non-slip soles is advised for both drivers and grooms.

    For more information on indoor driving visit www.indoordriving.co.uk

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