What does being ‘horsey’ really mean? And how ‘horsey’ are you?

  • The word horsey is an adjective often used to describe those with an equestrian interest or obsession — but what does it really mean and how do you know when you are horsey?

    Insurance company Petplan Equine posed this question to its Facebook fans with some interesting results.

    The clinging smell of horse featured in many responses.

    “When you go shopping straight from the stable yard and everyone gives you a wide berth,” was a comment many riders could relate to.

    “People hesitate when I offer them a lift as they know they’ll end up covered in hay and straw from the car,” added another.

    Others felt you should be described as “horsey” when you spend more time and money on your horse than yourself.

    One Facebook fan said: “The stables are immaculate and the house is a tip.”

    “When your horse gets new shoes more often than you do,” argued another.

    “When you use the horse’s show shine on your own hair before going out on the town,” was another’s addition.

    From the many responses there can be no doubt that owning horses leads to some eccentric behaviour.

    Some of the more bonkers actions admitted to by owners included clicking at people to ask them to move out of the way, telling their children/partner/dog to walk on or back up or even patting the dashboard of the car after passing something a horse might find spooky.

    Petplan Equine’s Isabella von Mesterhazy, summed up the results: “It’s clear to see from the responses to our Facebook question that horses define so many aspects of their owners’ lives from the language they use and the clothes they wear, to who makes it to the top of their Christmas card list.”

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