West Midlands saddler produces tack for Robin Hood film

  • A saddler in the West Midlands is eagerly awaiting the showing of the new Ridley Scott blockbuster Robin Hood.

    As well as starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett — the film also features tack made by Black Country Saddles.

    The company was asked a year go whether it would produce saddles for the film, which is out on Friday (14 May).

    “This was a really exciting project for us as these saddles were far from our usual production,” said Black Country Saddles sales manager Nikki Newcombe.

    “I visited Shepperton Studios to consult with the creative designers on the styles of a medieval saddle. After many discussions designs we agreed upon for an array of models for Cardinals Men, King Johns Guards’ and most importantly Maid Marion’s.

    “The finishing touches to each saddle was individual with the ornate metalwork and we were given pretty much free rein which involved a lot of ideas and great deal of fun in the factory.”

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