British endurance riders chosen for WEG

  • Endurance GB has selected its squad for the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, in Normandy, France. The endurance competition takes place on 28 August at the Bay of Mont St Michel in Sartilly.

    The squad includes:

    • Annie Joppe, riding her own Dilmun
    • Beth Langley, riding Cate Langley’s HS Ametista
    • Annette Masterson, riding Ann Harrison’s Millenium Chorus
    • Catriona Moon riding her own Leila
    • Anna Williams riding Jane Williams’ Crystal Wissam

    The three non-travelling reserves are:

    • Abigail Tennant, riding Delwyn Hall’s Barik
    • Carri Ann Dark riding her own Kates Mate
    • Annette Masterson riding her own El Sabio

    Chef d’equipe Andrea Baker said: “This year sees a mix of experienced riders and those progressing on from young rider level.”

    Annie Joppe has bought her 15-year-old grey gelding “Dil” up through the ranks. “He really is a horse of a lifetime. We’ve been working for so long and training so hard and it’s all come together — now we just have to do the job.”

    Beth Langley came up though young riders with her pony, but WEG is her first senior championships. Her family have never missed a ride and will be her crew at WEG.

    Anna Williams is another rider competing at her first senior championships. She moved back to the UK from Switzerland last year to train.

    The one-day endurance competition is set over a distance of 160km with 5 vet checks during the course.

    For more information visit: www.normandy2014.com

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