Watch SPANA’s Morrocco equine centre on webcam

  • British veterinary charity SPANA, Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad, has launched a new internet service to help bring their work to life.

    Supporters of the charity will be able to watch the day-to-day work of the organisation as it happens though four webcams positioned at one of the charity’s busiest treatment centres in Marrakech.

    The cameras, which are positioned to show SPANA’s veterinary work, will provide live streams 24 hours a day to document the activity in the centre.

    The charity, which helps to improve the lives of animals and their owners abroad by providing routine care, veterinary treatment and educational programmes, will also post regular updates of what viewers can expect to see on its facebook and Twitter pages.

    “Our supporters are very generous with their donations but the majority have only ever read about the work we do or seen photos — they have never actually been able to see what we do first hand,” said Jeremy Hulme, chief executive of SPANA.

    “By launching the webcams we hope to give our supporters the chance to see what goes on in a typical day at one of our treatment centres, from everyday occurences to the unexpected.

    “We want to show them exactly what it is we do and what the money they donate helps to fund.”

    To view the webcams, visit www.spana.org/spana-in-action/marrakech-webcams

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