Watch Household Cavalry’s drum horse tuck in this Pancake Day

  • It’s a big responsibility, being the drum horse of the Household Cavalry, so you have to be allowed a few treats – especially on Shrove Tuesday.

    To mark the occasion, top chefs at the mounted regiment have whipped up a serving of equine-friendly pancakes for Big Red to enjoy.

    The Household Cavalry shared its Pancake Day recipe on its Facebook page.

    Anyone wanting to emulate the regiment should put one cup each of bran and chaff in a bowl with a scoop of joint supplement. Grate a carrot, adding half to the bowl and blending the other half with a chopped apple and a cup of soya oil.

    Mix everything together, with a scoop of garlic, then cook, in true pancake style, for some five minutes, with a flip, of course, halfway through.

    Garnish with nuts, of the equine feed variety, “cavalry mix”, another sprinkling of supplement and a slice of orange with a cheeky twist – then allow your horse to tuck in.

    “That’s how you make Big Red’s big pancake,” a soldier said.

    Pancake art

    Charity SPANA has also marked the occasion, by collaborating with a renowned “pancake artist”.

    Dancakes, also known as St Louis-based Daniel Drake, has created a series of pancakes including one featuring a working donkey, to raise awareness of SPANA’s work with animals in some of the world’s poorest communities.

    Dancakes draws the pancakes freehand using squeezy bottles of coloured batter.

    SPANA chief executive Geoffrey Dennis said: “The skill involved in creating this edible art is quite extraordinary to watch – but we hope it will also give working animals the recognition they deserve this Pancake Day.

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    “Globally, more than a billion people rely on working animals, such as donkeys and horses, for their livelihoods. Unlike us, these animals don’t get to enjoy little luxuries. They endure incredibly tough working lives, often without the food, rest and vital veterinary care they need.

    “While families up and down the country have fun and tuck into their pancakes today, it’s important to remember the animals and people around the world that aren’t so fortunate.”

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