Waldfee is the H&H outstanding mare of the year at breeders awards

  • This year’s H&H outstanding mare award has been won by Waldfee at the British Horse Foundation’s annual breeders’ dinner and awards ceremony in London (12 January).

    Waldfee — a grey mare by the Hanoverian sire Westwall — was the dam of Half Moon Delphi (pictured) who was longlisted for dressage at the London Olympics.

    She died in the summer of 2012 aged 20, but has left an exceptional 13-strong foal crop, of which Delphi is probably the best known.

    But Waldfee also produced British junior dressage team member Half Moon Bardolino and at least two others who reached grand prix.

    “Waldfee was our foundation mare — it’s been very emotional losing her then winning this,” said Mrs Deverill.

    David Pincus, owner and founder of Sheepcote Stud and a pioneer of artificial insemination, won the SEIB Meritoire for his exceptional contribution to British breeding.

    “I was very pleased to receive the award and there are others just as worthy as me, but it’s nice that someone thought we’ve done something good,” he added.

    Full list of winners

  • Baileys Horse Feeds/British Breeding/BEF certificates of merit:

    Showjumping foal: On ‘n’ Up (s: Lux Z d. On A Dream). Breeder: Alyse Clancey

    Eventing foal: Decaw Diamond (s: Diamond Hit d: CAW Blimey). Breeder: Barbara Heaton-Smith

    Endurance foal: Yawl Hill Big Yin (s: Yawl Hillbilly d: Connemara). Breeder: Kirsty Wiscombe

    Pony foal: Woodlander Wallis (s: Woodlander Wavavoom d: Drysiog Helen). Breeder: Lynne Crowden

    Showjumping yearling: Silvesters Delight (s: Silvester d: Carrowbawn Kook Katja). Breeder: Sarah Clowes

    Eventing yearling: Chilli Thyme (s: Chilli Morning d: Angelica). Breeders: Pam Street and Jane Blades

    Endurance yearling: LA Ruzaadi (s: Ruadi d: Rozaani). Breeder: Val Lancashire

    Pony yearling: Tawnydun Tully (s: Grianagh Petrus d: Connemara). Breeder: Penny Makinson

    Showjumping two-year-old: Kannanball (s: Kannan d: Brise de Maupertuis). Karen Niklasson

    Dressage two-year-old: Cathmoor Florian (s: Floriscount d: White Classic). Breeder: Sarah Watson

    Endurance two-year-old: Kaalif (s: Silver Zaanif d: Palma Benay). Breeder: Anne Brown

    Pony two-year-old: RS Socrates (s: Sarkozy d: Sannon Valley Valencia). Breeder: Jo Wright

    Showjumping three-year-old: Vorvashill Chicago Flame (s: Broadstone Chicago d: Last Flame). Breeder Kari Christopher

    Dressage three-year-old: Woodlander Dr Feelgood (s: Woodlander del Amitri d: St Pr Waltzing Matilda). Breeder Lynne Crowden

    Endurance three-year-old: Chernushka (s: Murmansk d: Warrens Hill Chanda). Breeder: Mary Stubbs

    Pony three-year-old: Godrics Carpe Diem (s: Caesar 171 d: Tiger Lily). Breeders: Samantha and Beverley Brown

  • Baileys Horse Feeds/British Breeding/BEF Futurity Awards

    Foal award: Heaven (BHHS) (s: Hotline d: St Pr Limoncella (s: Londonderry)). Breeder and owner Lynne Crowden

    Yearling award: Timolin WBB (UK) (s: Moorlands Totilas d: Samira (s: Sion)). Breeder and owner Aram Gregory

    Two-year-old award: Missile Hit SHB (GB) (s: Deanes San Ciro Hit d: Missile Data (s: Tehran Missile)). Breeders and owners Amy and Cath Blount

    Three-year-old award: Catherston Definitive SHB (GB) (s: Catherston Dazzler d: Celony (GB) (s: Primitive Rising)). Breeder Jennie Loriston-Clarke, owner: Harry Meade

  • British Eventing young horse awards

    Four-year-old award: Sharon Bishop (breeder) for Parkfield Quintessential (AES) (s: Quicksilber d: Carino Biene S.Z). Owner Sharon Bishop

    Five-year-old award: Penny Roots (breeder) for Freckleton Mythago WBS (BWBS) (s: Monte Carlo d: L.A. Bewes). Owner Katie Davenport

    Six-year-old award: Stephen and Andrea Hobbs (breeders) for Alvescot Mighty Mouse (CHAPS UK) (s: Miley d: Alvescot Pink Gin). Owner Sophie Jenman

    Seven-year-old award: Brian and Vicky Tew (breeders) for Floating Island (SHHB) GB (s: Jumbo d: Temple Island). Owners Brian and Vicky Tew

  • British Eventing Wide Awake Trophy
    Avebury (SHB) GB (s: Jumbo d: Memento (s: Barin Free)). Breeder Andrew Nicholson. Owned by Mark and Rosemary Barlow and ridden by Andrew Nicholson
  • British Dressage young horse awards

    Four-year-old award: Headmore Wimoweh (BHHS) (s: Woiwode d: Rubinsteena (s: Rubinstein)). Breeders Sarah and Alice Oppenheimer. Owner Joanne Graham

    Five-year-old award: Corchapin (KWPN) (s: Negro d: Amsterdam (s: Abar xx)). Breeder: Sarah Tyler Evans. Owners: Lady Mary Hope and Jo Hamilton

    Six-year-old award: Woodlander Farouche (BHHS) (s: Furst Heinrich d: Woodlander Dornroschen (s: Dimaggio)). Breeder Lynne Crowden/Woodlander Stud. Owners Lynne Crowden, Ferdi Eilberg and Alison Walton

  • British Showjumping Young Horse Awards

    Five-year-old award: Ferndale Special K (KWPN) (s: Pelgrim-K d: Kimblery). Breeders Martin and Penny Podmore. Owner Sue Hodgson

    Six-year-old award: Sussex Caretino (AES) (s: Caretino Glory d: Special To Me (s: Hamilton III)). Breeder and owner Brendon Stud

    Seven-year-old award: Domino VI (AES) (s: Mr Darcy d: Karolina II (s: Kannan)). Breeders and owners Kevin Cooper and Annette Cooper

  • Sports Pony Studbook Society pony performance and breeding award
    Bernwode Brocket (DRP) (s: Brillant d: Cornelia (s: Diamant II)). Breeder ZG Michelbrand, Germany. Owner Sarah Steggall
  • Sports Pony Studbook Society pony performance Dancer medal
    Rembrandt (DDH) (s: Renior d: Prinzesss (s: Viktoria’s Chirac)). Breeder Heinz Mueller. Owner Isobel Scruton
  • Racehorse to Riding Horses Performance Championships

    SEIB Racehorse to Riding Horse Show Championship HOYS: Rogers Revenge 2005 (s: City On A Hill (USA) d: Resemblance). Trained by Bryan Smart and owned and ridden by Victoria Smart

    Tattersalls Thoroughbred Show Horse Championship Hickstead: Deep Reflection 2000 (s: Cloudings (IRE) d: Tudor Thyne (IRE)).Trained by Martin Keighley. Owned by Jason Newbold and ridden by Helen Newbold

    SEIB & RoR Elite Performance Dressage Awards
    Winner: Whataboutya (IRE) 2001 (s: Eve’s Error d: Tara’s Tribe). Trained by Jonjo O’Neill. Owned and ridden by Karen Mathers

    Second place: Kerayasi (FR) 2002 (s: Kahyasi d: Good Blend (FR)). Trained by Gary Moore. Owned and ridden by Lauren Crouch

    SEIB & RoR Elite Performance Endurance Awards
    Winner: Thea’s Lass (IRE) 1999 (s: Barathea (IRE) d: Castlerahan (IRE)). Trained by Milton Bradley. Owned and ridden by Victoria Ham

    Second place: Magic Powers 1995 (s: Magical Wonder (USA) d: Kissin’ Cousin). Trained by GB Balding. Owned by SP Nelson and ridden by Valerie Bradshaw

    SEIB & RoR Elite Performance Showjumping Awards
    Winner: Quel Ange (FR) 2002 (s: Tel Quel(FR) d: Corrossol (FR)). Trained by Ron Hodges. Owned and ridden by Jabenna Maslin

    Second place: Vite Etoile 1991 (s: Town And Country d: Quick Riposte). Trained by Ron Hodges. Owned and ridden by Nicola Braidwood

    SEIB & RoR Elite Performance Eventing Awards
    Winner: Seven O Seven 1993 (s: Skyliner d: Fille De Phaeton). Trained by Peter Cundell. Owned by Sophie Bunch and ridden by Sam Penn

    Second place: Valemont (IRE) 2003 (s: Presenting d: Velsheda (IRE)). Trained by Philip Hobbs. Owned and ridden by Dan Jocelyn

  • British Equestrian Federation Olympic award to the highest placed British-bred horses in Equestrian Team GB at the Olympics

    Tripple X III (AES) (s: Namelus R d: Calve B Z). Breeder Ben Maher. Owners Ben Maher and Quainton Stud and ridden by Ben Maher

    Miners Frolic (GSB) (s: Miners Lamp d: Mighty Frolic). Breeder Maurice Pinto. Owners: Nicholas and Valda Embiricos and Sarah Pelham and ridden by Tina Cook

    Opposition Buzz (British Trakehner) (s: Fleetwater Opposition d: Jungle Bee). Breeder and owner Rosemary Search and ridden by Nicola Wilson

  • Horse & Hound Outstanding Mare Award
    Waldfee (s:Westwall d: Troika). Owned by Julie Deverill
  • South Essex Insurance Brokers Meritoire: David Pincus
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