Veteran Shetland pony put down after dog attack

  • Barley, the elderly Shetland pony who was injured in a suspected dog attack, has been put to sleep.

    Owner Josephine Hoy said the 30-year-old gelding had to be put down nine days after the attack, on 21 March, in which he suffered tears to its ears and head and was blinded in one eye.

    “He never recovered properly,” said Mrs Hoy.

    “They [the dogs] had blinded him in one eye and he was already deaf and he seemed disorientated and kept wandering about his paddock all the time.

    “Then on Tuesday I found him collapsed in a corner of his paddock, he was close to death I think and the only kind thing was to put him out of his misery.”

    Mrs Hoy believes Barley had been set upon by a large dog, or dogs, overnight on 21 March, as there were 5-ins paw prints in mud in his paddock.

    She believes she knows which dog is involved but because there is no evidence police are unable to take further action.

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