Valuable Western tack stolen from Nottinghamshire yard

  • Tens of thousands of pounds worth of tack and equipment have been stolen from a stud near Newark, Nottinghamshire.

    Among the stolen items were thousands of pounds worth of distinctive Schutz Western tack — which is not sold in the UK.

    Owner Lita Pocock told H&H: “I couldn’t put a value on the tack that was stolen. It would have to be thousands of pounds.

    “But some of it we’ve had for a long time and is irreplaceable. Also because it is from America it’s not as if we can just pop down to our local tack shop and buy new.”

    The break in happened between 1am and 7am on Wednesday 8 October.

    “We always do night checks,” said Ms Pocock. “My partner was out walking the dog at 1am and it was all fine then.

    “But when we went out at 7am we had been broken into. The alarm was disabled so they obviously knew what they were doing.”

    As well as the valuble Schutz tack, an Ifor Williams 505 two horse trailer, an Equitrek two horse trailer, an equine solarium and a quad bike were taken.

    Ms Pocock added: “What was also upsetting was the silver buckle I won at the 2007 British reining championships was stolen too. They even took a horse first aid kit and feed scoops.

    “All we can do is hope people keep a look out and that we get some of the equipment back. We have to try and move forward, but it’s hard.”

    They now have a state of the art security system installed.

    Ms Pocock warned: “What we’ve learnt from it this that if you live in the countryside or on a farm and have outbuildings you are a target. Everyone needs to protect themselves and concentrate on security.

    “It’s scary — you work hard to build it all up and then someone walks in and takes it away.”

    Anyone with information should contact the police. Tel:01636 605999.

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