Urgent appeal after child’s pony stolen

  • The owners of an aged pony stolen from Grove, near Oxford, at the weekend are appealing for help tracing it

    A family has been left devastated after thieves stole their childrens’ pony from a field on their farm in Grove, Oxon, close to the M4 motorway.

    Polly, a 15-year-old Welsh/Dartmoor was taken some time on Saturday 31 August.

    The 11.2hh grey mare suffers from severe laminitis and needs daily medication to prevent further attacks, as well as strict management routine to restrict her grass intake.

    Polly bears the Farmkey freezmark R97R on her nearside shoulder and wears leather pads under her front shoes. Another distinctive mark is a scar on her near fore knee.

    A red van was seen in the area shortly before Polly was taken and police believe she was removed using a vehicle as there was evidence of straw and a wooden ramp left behind at the scene.

    Jill Fisher, Polly’s owner said: “The children are taking it very badly, my youngest daughter on her 7th birthday asked for Polly to come home.”

    “We have owned Polly for 15 years and my children have grown up with her. They were sitting up on Polly before they could talk or walk.”

    “Polly isn’t an ordinary pony – she needs specialist care otherwise she becomes crippled with laminitis.”

    Anyone with any information should contact PC Moseley (tel: 01235 776000)

    Farmkey is offering a £5,000 reward for the information, which leads to the conviction of anyone stealing a Farmkey freezemarked horse.

    Read expert advice on avoiding horse theft:

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