Twenty four horses die in US barn fire

  • Twenty-four horses have died in a barn fire in Wisconsin.

    The fire broke out at around 8.40am yesterday (Wednesday 24 November) at the Humane Organisation Rescuing and Saving Equine centre (HORSE) in Rock County.

    Cindy and Jim Bondowski from HORSE managed to save five animals but 24 died in the blaze.

    “We looked toward the barn and saw smoke and fire coming out of the top,” Cindy told local press.

    “We ran out and opened the door. It was just black and fully engulfed in the rafters.

    The couple founded the centre 15 years ago. Fourteen of the horses that died were rescue horses and 10 were the couple’s own.

    Twenty horses that were out in paddocks were unaffected.

    The centre also lost all its equipment including bridles, saddles, rugs, feed and veterinary supplies.

    “The whole barn went down, so everything is gone,” Cindy added.

    An investigation is ongoing.

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