Train kills horse on track

  • A horse has been killed after it strayed onto the line and was hit by a passenger train in North Wales

    A Wales and Borders passenger train travelling along the tracks at Connah’s Quay,Flintshire, hit and killed a stray horse yesterday (9 July).

    The two coach diesel train, carrying passengers from Radyr to Holyhead was travelling along the tracks at less than 75mph when the driver saw several stray horses on the line. He was unable to stop and struck one of the horses killing it outright at about 10.10am.

    A second horse was also thought to be injured in the incident, but was later found unharmed.

    A spokesperson for Railtrack said: “Livestock on the track is not unusual, especially in the more rural areas but it is usually sheep rather than horses.”

    None of the passengers or rail staff were injured, although the driver is said to be shaken.

    The owner of the horses is still being sought and Railtrack said teams were investigating how the animals got on to the tracks.

    The train suffered damage to an air pipe which forms an essential part of the braking system and was unable to move.Train services were disrupting for three hours.

    Immediately after the accident, Railtrack, who are usually responsible for maintaining fencing either side of the tracks, sent out a group of contractors to check and make good any repairs.

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