Tracker will email you if your horse strays from its field

  • A satellite tracker that lets you know if you horse has strayed from its field could be on the market by the spring.

    The TRAAKit device allows you to programme boundaries in which your horse should stay and alerts you by phone or computer if it should leave the area.

    Inventor David Clayton released a similar product for other valuable possessions, like iPods or TVs, last month.

    He said the idea to produce one for horse-owners was inspired by a horse being killed on the road after a field gate was stolen.

    “We aim to develop a tracker to go on a horse by spring,” said Mr Clayton. “It needs to be more robust to cope with mud and being rolled on.”

    Although there are other similar products on the market the £247.50 TRAAKit has a battery life of up to a month.

    Garry Porter, chairman of the UK Horsewatch Alliance, says that although trackers are useful, the cons are cost and battery life.

    “The horse world needs a self-powered tracker that lasts for more than 24-48 hours,” he said.

    “The TRAAKiT seems to have significant battery life, which is great. But I am still waiting for someone to produce one for £100.”

    Visit www.traakit.co.uk

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