TopSpec launches two new horse feeds

  • Two new feeds — one for good-doers and another for working horses and breeding stock — have been launched by TopSpec.

    TopChop Lite and TopChop Alfa are described by TopSpec as “pure and natural” fibre products, both made from high temperature dried British alfalfa and dressed with soya oil and mint, to improve palatability.

    TopChop Lite also contains high-quality chopped oat straw and has been produced for good doers that need their weight controlling.

    “TopChop Lite is of similar nutritional value to average quality hay but contains less sugar,” said a spokesman for TopSpec.

    “The composition and consistency of this product make it ideal for horses and ponies prone to, being treated for, and recovering from laminitis. And it is perfect for good-doers and others prone to weight gain.”

    “Alfa is ideal for horses and ponies needing to gain weight and for all breeding stock because of its good quality protein, low starch levels and high levels of bio-available calcium. “

    Neither feed contains molasses or any other sugar coating and both are low in sugar and starch. The alfalfa provides a natural source of anti-oxidents and both are dust extracted.

    TopChop Lite costs £8.95 per 15kg and TopChop Alfa is £9.95 per 15kg.


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