Top awards for dog heroes

  • Twelve canine heroes have been chosen to star in a special Dog of the Year 2002 calendar

    A ceremony took place earlier this month at a photographic studio in Berkshire where somespecial dogs had their pictures taken for inclusion in a unique calendar for 2002.

    Chairman of the judges was author and well known dog lover, Jilly Cooper.

    Among the dozen dogs chosen in a special competition run by Dogs Today magazine and Snoozzzeee dog bedding, were two dogs that suffered horrific torture

    One of the main winners was a 10-year-old Border Collie, Bobby, who in 1994 was tortured for seven hours and left tied to a railway line in Burry Port, Carmarthenshire.

    His scull was fractured, he’d been strangled and had his windpipe crushed. Bobby was eventually found by his owner and her other dog, Sally, a Jack Russell terrier.

    On the way to the vet, Sally gave his best friend Bobby what amounted to the “kiss of life”by breathing up his nose which helped save his life.

    The two were jointly awarded winners of “Dog’s best Friend” category

    The other main prize went to Peggy, a cross-bred Corgi, who had a firework tied to her back leg and was left with no toes.

    She was rescued from a West Midlands kennels by Diana Harris and nursed back to health with the help of Diana’s daughter, Sophie.

    Later, it was Peggy’s turn to help Sophie when she had to go through a number of operations which has left her wheel-chair bound.

    Peggy was the winner of the “Man’s Best Friend” category

    There were also awards in categories ranging from bravest dog, best rescue dog and cleverest dog.

    The calendar will be available through Dogs Today from November.

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