Team chaser to sell range of disinfectants

  • Rider Debbie Topping has launched an innovative animal hygiene product to help stop equine diseases.

    The champion team chaser won the rights to sell Envirocair Veterinary, a range of disinfectants and sanitizers.

    The products help to shield horses from serious illnesses like equine flu and strangles, and do not require protective clothing to be worn whilst being used.

    Debbie said: “They don’t harm skin or irritate the respiratory tract, so you don’t need to get dressed up in special clothing every time you use them.

    “Used properly it quite literally kills the threat of major animal diseases. It’s absolutely ground-breaking and it’s not an exaggeration to say that Envirocair Veterinary will protect the health and even save the lives of countless horses, livestock and animals across the UK.”

    For more information on the Envirocair Veterinary, please visit www.protekbiochem.com.

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