Tack thieves target South East

  • Thieves get away with more than £10,000 worth of tack in Sussex

    An East Sussex yard owner is counting the cost of a theft from two tack rooms at her farm in Robertsbridge.

    Thieves got away with nine saddles and other items of tack, leaving two guard dogs drugged during the raid.

    “Our collie is old and has a bad heart, said owner, Georgina King Smith. ” She could hardly stand up and needed veterinary treatment afterwards, but thankfully both dogs are fine now.”

    The value of the tack is thought to be around £10,000, although Georgina said the theft also included a couple of items of great sentimental value.

    “I had some beautiful plaited reins on one double bridle which dates back to the 1960s and was given to me by my uncle plus a favourite, really old cavesson nose band on another. Neither can be replaced.”

    Georgina, who runs a livery yard at her farm, says she was on a heavy dose of painkillers after a fall and heard nothing of the robbery which is thought to have taken place last Thursday night or on the Friday morning (29-30 November).

    She says her tackroom were well secured, but she now plans to install CCTV and automatic lights in an attempt to deter further buglaries.

    Anyone with information, please contact: (tel: 01580 830307).

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