Swamp fever all clear for Ireland

  • Ireland is finally free from swamp fever, or Equine Infectious Anaemia (EIA). Nine months after the first case of the deadly disease swamp fever or EIA was confirmed in Ireland, the country has the all clear.

    Since the first case of swamp fever was diagnosed in Ireland on 15 June 2006, almost 57,000 blood samples have been taken. Restrictions were this week lifted on the last premises, 90 days since the last and 28th case was confirmed on 10 December 2006.

    Ireland’s Minister for Agriculture and Food, Mary Coughlan, praised the horse industry for the willing manner in which they had worked with the government during the past nine months which she described as: “a very difficult period for the Irish bloodstock industry”.

    Minister Coughlan warned that while now there is an obvious sense of relief, vets must “maintain a high level of vigilance” in relation to swamp fever.

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