Supalyx launches new “Tasty Treats”

  • Supalyx has launched a new range of equine treats.

    The brand new Tasty Treats come in four flavours – Sugar Lump, Mellow Mint, Carrot Cake and Apple Blush.

    “Tasty Treats can be used to reward good behaviour, help with training, distract a horse whenthere’s a temptation to fidget, such as a farriery visit, or simply for owners to show their horses how much they care,” said a spokesman for the company.

    Tasty Treats come in 650g licks. The lid on the pot is replaceable sealing the treat until the next time it is used, enabling owners to monitor the treat intake.

    For moreinformation contact: info@rumenco.co.uk or tel: 0800 833675

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