Stolen hound puppies found

  • A couple of hound puppies, who were taken from their puppy walker’s farm at Ramsden Heath, near Chelmsford on 19 November, are back where they belong.

    The 14-week-old Essex Farmers and Union bitches, Vintage and Village, were discovered just 5min away from Debbie Friswell’s home.

    “They turned up in the dead-end of a close in a local housing estate,” Ms Friswell told H&H.

    “Someone has obviously decided to put them out, thankfully somewhere where they were not at risk of being run over.”

    Both of the puppies appear to have been well looked after, but have lost some weight and no longer answer to their names.

    Ms Friswell thanked the extensive media coverage for the puppies return.

    “I think the press coverage made a real difference,” she said. “I also think the person that had took them would have found them very hard work!

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