‘A step forward in the fight for justice’: dog owner sentenced after pony attack

  • A court has ordered a dog to be put down after it seriously injured a pony in an attack.

    Shetland Karenza was left with a seven-inch wound to her face following the attack that took place in August last year (warning graphic image contained in report).

    She was being walked out in hand on Crosby Beach, Liverpool, when the dog ran up barking, causing the mare to run away.

    “As she fled the dog followed and latched on to her face,” Karenza’s owner, Becky Hepworth, told H&H.

    The dog’s owner, Kyle Brady of Merrilocks Road, Crosby, was sentenced at Liverpool and Knowsley Magistrates’ Court on 8 May.

    The court ordered that his dog be out down and Brady was banned from keeping dogs for five years. He was also ordered to pay costs.

    “We have made a step forward in Karenza’s fight for justice,” Becky said of Brady’s sentencing. “I’m happy with the decision as the dog will not be able to cause any further pain and suffering to another animal.”

    Karenza has made good progress following the ordeal.

    Following the attack, her wound was cleaned by a vet and sealed using 22 staples.

    “Within 24 hours of the incident, we required further veterinary treatment as she was not eating due to losing a large part of the muscle which is used to open and close her mouth and to chew food,” said Becky.

    Karenza was taken to Leahurst Equine Hospital for 24-hour care.

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    The vet took X-rays and ultrasound scans and found that the mare’s salivary gland had been bitten, causing saliva to excrete from the wound instead of using the usual tract towards her mouth.

    Karenza underwent surgery and extensive treatment and has almost fully recovered, despite being left with lip paralysis.

    “She is nearly all back to being normal,” Becky added. “We finally have our little Karenza back in character. Her lip is still droopy and she is fussy in the mouth, but she is nearly fully recovered.”

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