Stand out from the crowd with clipping stencils

  • Want your horse to stand out from the crowd? You could always clip a carrot, L-plate or shamrock into his quarters.

    A new reusable clipping stencil — that comes in a range of designs, slogans or custom-made names — has been launched by Stencilbum.

    They are self-adhesive so will stay in place even if the horse moves, and can be cleaned and used repeatedly.

    Ashley Filmer set up Stencilbum in 2006.

    The original brushing designs were single use and had to be held steady. Now a new “sticky” and reusable design has been launched for the coming clipping season.

    “I was asked to reproduce a brushing stencil from a homemade one cut from a cornflake packet for racehorse trainer Alan Bailey,” said Ashley.

    “I bought a computer vinyl cutting machine to make it and was asked a few weeks later by a friend if I could cut a stencil for shaving her horses name in its coat. It worked but slipped, so we worked on a design from there.”

    The new stencils are made from a heavyweight rubberised vinyl sheet with an adhesive backing and can be washed and dried.

    Stencils start from £15.95.

    For more information visit www.stencilbum.co.uk

    This news story was first published in the current issue of Horse & Hound (1 September, 2011)

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