Stallion survives sea voyage ordeal

  • A Thoroughbred stallion is back on dry land after spending more than seven days crossing the Mediterranean due to government “red tape”

    A stallion was kept in the hold of a ferry for seven days after authorities in Cyprus refused to allow him to land because of a “couple of anomalies” in his paperwork.

    The seven-year-old stallion – ironically named, Shorten Sail – has been sold to a racing stud in Cyprus. He began his journey in America and was flown to Luxembourg before going on to Athens.

    Shorten Sail began his sea voyage to Cyprus on 21 January but was refused entry at the port.

    He remained on the boat, which shunted him on to Israel, back to Cyprus before returning to Athens. He was finally allowed off the ferry in Greece on 27 January.

    The International League for the Protection of Horses has been liasing with contacts in Cyprus and DEFRA to put pressure on the Cyprus authorities to resolve the issue.

    ILPH director, David Mountford, said: “It’s been a hell of a journey for him. But the Greek authorities saw sense and allowed him to disembark there.

    “He will stay in quarantine in Athens to give him some rest and until the paperwork is sorted out and Cyprus allows him in.

    “The stallion was with a groom all the time and the transporters did do everything they could to make sure he was being well looked after.

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