Stable Mate app now available on Android

  • Stable Mate, the free horse management mobile app, is now available on Android.

    The app has proved popular among horse owners since it was launched for iPhone in August, with more than 9,000 downloads. In response to demand, the app is now also available in Ireland.

    Developed by Pfizer Animal Health, Stable Mate brings records and management requirements for up to 10 horses together under one virtual stable roof. It also provides a GPS mapping and exercise planning service, as well as news feed direct from Horse & Hound.

    Whether you need timely prompts for worming, vaccinations, dentistry and farriery, or want to keep detailed records of your horses’ diets and exercise programmes, Stable Mate will automatically create a calendar of events, appointments and reminders to make it easy for you to keep your horse’s essential healthcare needs on course. The app can be personalised with photographs of your horses and the details easily shared with friends and family via email and social media.

    Track My Ride is a GPS navigation route mapping tool that lets you to track the route, duration and speed of each ride. It’s a great device for planning and monitoring exercise programmes, you can use it to explore new hacking routes safely and it’s a stress-free way to find your way back to your horse box after hunting or hacking in unfamiliar country. For added fun details of each ride are stored in a history log and can be easily shared with friends through social media.

    Stable Mate also includes a free news and information service. Pfizer has teamed up with Horse & Hound to provide an exclusive direct news feed to make it easy to stay up-to-date with all the important stories in the horse world, wherever you are.

    The app also carries a bank of useful equine health advice, from the essentials of pasture management to understanding vaccination protocols.

    Download Stable Mate for iPhone

    Download Stable Mate for Android

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