Heavy snowfall forces Spruce Meadows to reschedule

  • Spruce Meadows has been forced to battle with more than 25cm of snow (pictured above and below) to get the annual Masters competition underway.


    The Canadian venue (pictured left as it normally looks) was forced to cancel Wednesday’s competition (10 September) after the downfall caused power cuts and damaged numerous trees at the site

    “It wasn’t about conditions for the sport,” said Spruce Meadows’ senior vice-president Ian Allison.

    “There was no electricity — we couldn’t image[4]conduct commerce, there’s no bathrooms or phones and no emergency response capacity.

    “We’ve never had to reschedule a day.”

    More than 150 staff worked to clear the snow and fallen branches to allow the show to kick-off on Thursday (11 September).

    Temperatures were set to climb and Mr Allison was confident that the competition can now get back on track.


    H&H’s reporter Jennifer Donald reporting from Calgary

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