Sponsored walk raises funds for amateur showjumper

  • A fundraising campaign to buy a horse lorry for an injured young showjumper has been given a boost of £500 after a sponsored walk from Bristol to Bath at the weekend.

    Shelley Orchard, 19, was left having to walk on crutches after a childhood knee injury became acutely painful.

    At the age of 16, with the meniscus cartilage from her left knee removed, Shelley was faced with the prospect of severe arthritis for the rest of her life.

    Shelley from the Wye Valley in Gloucestershire had to pull out of the national Festival of Showjumping in 1999 in spite of qualifying her Irish-bred mare, Tristar Cruise Control (Corrie).

    However, last year having sold her lorry to help pay for her cartilage transplant operation, Shelley is now back in the saddle, although minus any transport.

    “I’m getting fitter, walking the dogs, and going on the bike everyday to get stronger. And it’s not painful to ride. I’d love to turn professional and hopefully go to Wembley”, says Shelley.

    Oakley horseboxes has donated £50 and there are two more fund-raising events are planned for this year – a musical evening and another sponsored walk.

    Shelley’s mother, Diane explains: “We are hoping the transplant has sorted the problem out, although it could take a few years until Shelley’s knee is strong.

    “So far we have raised around £2,000, but we are aiming for around £14,500 and remain optimistic that we will hopefully raise that by next year”.

    If you want to donate money or help in the campaign, contact Diane Orchard (tel: 01594 530 436).

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