Snowball Farm hosts viewing day for riding club horses for sale

  • Snowball Farm in Burnham is to host a horse and pony viewing day for potential owners having trouble finding a suitable mount.

    The home counties equestrian centre will showcase 50 to 60 horses, owned by individual sellers, on one day. But it is only a viewing day — any purchases must be made between the seller and buyer externally after the day.

    Melanie Western-Kaye from Snowball Farm told H&H: “I’ve recently heard of many people struggling to find a suitable Pony Club or riding club-type.

    “They travel the country to look at one horse, but it is often not what they are expecting, so we are trying to give a solution.”

    The event on 22 September will let buyers watch the horses in action as well as try them.

    Helen Owens from British Riding Clubs said: “This is the first event of its kind that I’ve heard of. It is a good idea but I’d want to ensure all safety precautions were taken.”

    Ms Western-Kaye confirmed St John Ambulance will attend.

    “Vettings can be arranged post-event, but we will have vets on call in case of emergency.”

    The Pony Club declined to comment on whether people have problems finding suitable ponies, but a spokesman said: “We feel this is purely a venture for Snowball Farm and the individual buyer. In most cases, Pony Club ponies are passed on between members.”


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