Single endurance body on hold

  • The formation of a new single endurance organisation has been postponed from the 1 January 2000, despite overwhelming support from endurance riders around Britain.

    A recent statement from the British Endurance Riders Association (BERA) said:”Over the past year, British Endurance has been working closely with the BritishEquestrian Federation (BEF), Endurance Horse & Pony Society (EHPS) and Scottish Endurance Riding Club (SERC) to agree a basis to form a new single organisation for endurance riding in Great Britain.

    “Substantial progress has been made, culminating in the recent referendum of the membership of both BERA and the EHPS, giving an overwhelming endorsement of the planned move towards a single society.

    “Unfortunately, a number of delays have occurred over the past year, resulting in the referendum being held later than planned. It is now clear that the formation of a single endurance riding organisation by 1 January 2001 is no longer practical.

    “The board of BERA wish to stress that it will continue to work with the Steering Committee to ensure the wishes of the membership are achieved as soon as possible.”

    BERA will continue to operate independently during 2001 and will organise the following FEI rides: Haywood Oaks (April), Hilton Herbs Golden Horseshoe Ride (May), Tattersalls (July) and White Rose (August).

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