Show day solutions

We’ve all arrived at a show only to realise that the girth wasn’t attached to the saddle as you thought it was, or that your best gloves weren’t in your jacket pocket after all.

Normally a quick telephone call or a begging visit to the lorry next door will see you right but wouldn’t it be nice to be certain you have got everything you need? With HORSE magazine’s guide to show day solutions you will never be caught out again.

The essential collection

  • Riding hat: British standard, plus hairnet
  • Clothing: Shirt,tie or stock, pin, jodhpurs, boots, jacket, cross-country shirt, gloves
  • Your accessories: Whip or cane, spurs, straps, body protector
  • Bridles: Including bit and reins
  • Saddles: Including stirrups, leathers, girth, saddlecloth
  • Horse accessories: Studs, overgirth, breastplate, stronger bit
  • Spare tack: Reins, stirrup leathers, girth
  • Grooming kit: Brushes, hoof pick, plaiting equipment, sponges
  • Polishes: Boot and metal, saddle soap
  • Competition paperwork: Entry papers, rules, schedule, parking badge, vaccination certificate, map
  • Rugs: Cooler and a waterproof
  • Water: Plus two buckets, for drinking and washing
  • Food: For you and your horse
  • Protective boots: For travel and competition
  • Emergency: First aid kit (human and equine), vehicle puncture kit and breakdown policy, mobile phone
Check out top packing tips from the professional to help you arrive at the show with everything you need in the August issue of HORSE magazine, in newsagents from 24 July.

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