Shetland survives attack

  • A Shetland pony stallion is recovering after an attack with a “sharp instrument” which left it with a 5inscut along its throat almost to its windpipe.

    It was seen bleeding heavily by a passer-by earlier this week on moorland, near an industrial estate in Redruth, West Cornwall. A vet was called and the wound was stitched.

    The pony, whose owner has not been found, is now in the care of the RSPCA. The society has put out an appeal for information on the attack.

    RSPCA spokeswoman, Janet Kipling, said: “The pony is lucky to be alive. It’s a chilling thought that someone was clearly out to kill it.”

    She said the chesnut stallion was friendly and easy to handle.

    The Devon and Cornwall police said they were making further inquiries about the incident and liasing with the RSPCA.

    Anyone with information on the attack should call the police on 08705 777444 (Quote: log 684 14 August).

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