Shetland kept in flat

  • A man in Denmark has made headlines around the world after he moved a Shetland pony into his second-floor flat.

    Palle Brinch is thought to have brought the animal to live with him and his nine-year-old daughter in an attempt to recreate a Danish children’s film Gummi Tarzan, which features a pony living in an apartment.

    Palle and his nine-year-old daughter showered the pony in their bathroom and kept it in the kitchen overnight. Concerned neighbours alerted the local authorities about a “rumbling ceiling and a manure-like stench”.

    The pony has been relocated to a more suitable home in the countryside with Palle’s relatives. Danish police say that no charges have been filed.

    “A house is not a natural environment for a horse to live in,” commented a spokeswoman for the RSPCA. “Such a situation would cause many hazards for both horses and humans. It is quite extraordinary what some people will do.”

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