Seven polo ponies cut free from an overturned lorry in Gloucestershire

  • Seven polo ponies had to be rescued by firemen this weekend after the lorry in which they were travelling overturned in Gloucestershire.

    The lorry was travelling along the A417 on Crickley Hill, at approximately 9.50am on Sunday, 29 June, when it overturned at the junction and ended up on its side at the Air Balloon pub roundabout.

    Gloucestershire fire and rescue crews arrived at the scene and cut the ponies free from the vehicle.

    Dave Pike from Gloucestershire fire and rescue told H&H: “We had to cut the roof off and drag the ponies out through the roof. Two were trapped so we had to roll them out but fortunately they were all uninjured.

    “It took about half an hour to release the ponies. We are often called to release trapped animals, but not usually from vehicles and never seven in one go.”

    A vet treated minor injuries at the scene and all ponies are reported to be recovering from the incident.

    A spokesman from Gloucestershire police said: “We had to close the roundabout for several hours but I believe the ponies were all ok.”

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