Search begins for TV “knights”

  • Channel Four is looking for male contestants to train as knights for a medieval tournament documentary

    Are you a potential knight in shining armour?Channel Four is making a documentary about medieval tournaments and is looking for men to train as knights at their “knight school” to be broadcast in 2003.

    The search in on for four male candidates . They need to be experienced riders who are prepared to fight while wearing restrictive, heavy armour and most important of all, they shouldn’t be afraid to fall off.

    Successful applicants will be taught by jousting specialists on how to fight with swords and lances like a medieval knight.

    The training will take place at a riding school in the UK over 10 days early in October, culminating in a live real jousting competition at a castle in mid-October.

    Succesful applicants need to be free for training and filming in October and although they won’t receive payment, they will have their expenses covered.

    Anyone interested in taking part should send a letter along with a recent photo to: Eliza James, Wall to Wall TV, 8 Spring Place, Kentish Town, London, NW5 3ER, UK or click here to email tournament@walltowall.co.uk or (tel: 0207 241 9296)

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