Scurry pony who won six times at HOYS put down

  • Jemma Millman’s successful scurry pony Pooh Bear was put down on 24 January, aged 20.

    With his partner Piglet, Pooh Bear won six classes at Horse of the Year Show (HOYS), plus the championship in 2008 and 2009 (pictured, Pooh Bear is the bay). The pair were also reserve champions on two further occasions. They also won their class at the Royal International five times in a row.

    “Pooh Bear was a wonderful pony who was loved by all who knew him,” said Jemma. “Not only was he such a wonderfully special ‘person’ who gave the greatest kisses, he was possibly one of the most successful ponies of the modern scurry sport.

    “His personality shone through in the ring and his career was followed by an astounding number of people — many who never had the pleasure of meeting him.”

    Pooh Bear’s achievements were all the more remarkable because he had had health problems from a young age.

    “He had serious laminitis from 2001-2003 and his life was nearly over before it really began,” explained Jemma. “He came to me in early 2004 and was diagnosed with Cushings in 2007. He ruptured a tendon in the autumn of 2008 and I was told he would never work again.

    “He once again defied all odds, coming back to full work and winning HOYS in 2009. He then did another tendon (in the field) the following year, but again returned to full work.

    “We had struggled to control his Cushings and as a result he had another laminitic episode. It was the hardest decision to make for a pony who never once gave up.”

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