New combined training class for RoR

  • Scotland is hosting a new combined training class for former racehorses this weekend (18 May) at Floors Castle horse trials.

    The James Ewart Racing RoR 3-phase Challenge combines dressage, jumping and showing. It starts with a dressage test, followed immediately by a jumping phase, which includes being judged on style and presence. The final part is a showing/confirmation phase.

    If the class proves successful, Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) may schedule more classes for other RoR regions to trial.

    “It’s the first combined training competition to include [this] mixture of disciplines,” said RoR chief executive Di Arbuthnot. “It’s a one-off at the moment, but it if works, RoR will consider rolling it out to other regions to trial and — longer term — build a series.”


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