Russian Terrier joins police

  • A Russian Terrier named Mig is being trained by the Warwickshire police force to help in the fight against crime.

    At 13-weeks-old Russian Terrier, Mig, is a cute, black, fluffy ball of energy. When fully grown, he’ll be bigger than a German Shepherd and strong enough to push a man down to the ground.

    That’s the quality which has prompted Warwickshire police force to sign him up as their latest weapon against crime. Mig has juststarted his training and will be the first of his breed to become a police dog in the UK.

    It’s an experiment initiated by dog trainer, PC Ward. “The introduction of a Russian Terrier is a highly controlled and low- risk experiment, which already looks to be a success,” he said. .

    “Despite his young age, Mig has proved that he is inquisitive, hard-working and brave. He has a calm nature and is very good with people and in new situations.

    “He also has a strong guarding instinct, a talent for retrieving items and will eventually be able to run people down.”

    Russian Terriers have been used with success by Russian and Eastern European police forces for many years. The Russians have spent 50 years developing the breed specifically for use as working police dogs at Red Star Kennel in Moscow.

    There are less than 100 of the breed in the UK – Mig’s father was the first Russian Terrier to enter England six years ago.

    For more information visit www.warwickshire.police.uk

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