Runaway zebra dies after falling into pond

  • A sedated runaway zebra has died after falling into a pond on a golf course.

    The striped equine escaped from Mikuni West Farm in Aichi, eastern Japan, earlier this week (22 March).

    Police pursued the animal, who ran on to a golf course.

    Officers struggled to capture the zebra, so he was shot with a tranquiliser dart by a vet.

    While continuing to evade his followers, the zebra then fell into a pond.

    Reports state the group rushed to rescue the zebra from the water, before they realised he had already died.

    “[The zebra] collapsed in the pond, so we hurriedly pulled it ashore, but its heart had stopped beating,” a police spokesman said.

    He added that vets then performed cardiac massage on the animal, but it was not enough to save the zebra.

    Circus escape

    Last year (15 November) horseandhound.co.uk reported that two zebras caused havoc after they escaped from a circus in the United States.

    The pair broke free from the UniverSoul Circus in Philadelphia.

    The zebras ran through the streets from their base outside the Mann Center for the Performing They were loose for an hour before they were captured.

    zebras escape circus

    Credit: Twitter @Key_BlackBeauty

    Philadelphia Police posted on social media to inform the public that the zebras had been caught. No injuries were reported.

    “Zebras in custody,” they tweeted. “They are already sporting old-timey prisoner getup ahead of trial and sentencing. Have faith, fellas.”

    Members of the public also took to Twitter to express their shock at the loose animals.

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    “Two zebras escaped a circus and now they are running around west Philadelphia,” said Amanda Leigh.

    “Zebras escaped and are running around west Philadelphia,” said Riley. “This is the real life Madagascar.”

    Sonia O’Sullivan added: “Thats got to be first time a zebra has run across a zebra crossing!”

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