Royal International Horse Show timetable

      • TUESDAY, 24 JULY

    Horseware Ireland ring 2: 8am, freshmens sec 1; sec 2; YR.

    Cortaflex ring 3: 8am, Horse & Hound Foxhunter; novice futurity.

    Whittaker Horseboxes ring 4: 8am, 1.30m; jnr open;Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter; 138cm; 128cm.

        WEDNESDAY, 25 JULY

    International Arena: 8.45am, winter JC ch; 10.15am, Hunter Wilson Novice ch; 11.30am, NFU Mutual Hackney pony ch; 11.45am, winter 138cm ch; 1.30pm, Sandal-BMW SHP ch; 1.45am: winter 128cm ch; 3.15pm, NFU Mutual Hackney horse ch; 3.30pm, Coyle Hamilton 2-phase.

    Horseware ring 2: 8am, 1.40m; Zangersheide 1.30m; young riders.

    Cortaflex ring 3: 8am, freshmens sec 1; sec 2; jnr open.

    Whittaker ring 4: 8am, winter 128cm ch qual; do, 138cm; jnr Foxhunter; Foxhunter.

    Baileys Horse Feeds ring 5: 8am, BSPS 153cm SHP; 9.30am, 143cm; 11am, 133cm. 12.30pm, Team Hollings 153cm WHP; 2.30pm, 143cm; 4pm, 133cm; ch.

    River Lawn: 2pm, BSPS lead-rein SHP; 3.30pm, 122cm SHP.

    Driving Ground: 9am, 12.2hh Hackney pony; 14hh; 1pm, Hackney horse; over 15hh.

        THURSDAY, 26 JULY

    International Arena: 11am, Accenture YR ch; 12 noon: Royal International Chase; 2pm, course-walk; 2.15pm, RDS Hunter ch; 2.30pm, SEIB side-saddle concours d’elegance; 3pm, British Grand prix.

    Horseware ring 2: 8am, Cowfold speed stakes; 1.40m; Zangersheide 1.30m.

    Cortaflex ring 3: 8am, freshmans sec 1; sec 2; YR.

    Whittaker ring 4: 8am, Foxhunter; jnr cup; jnr Foxhunter; 138cm; 128cm.

    Baileys ring 5: 8am, RDS l’wt hunter; m’wt; h’wt; 12.30pm, SEIB side-saddle concours d’elegance; 3pm, RDS 4-y-o hunter; ladies’.

    River Lawn: 12.30pm, Saran Stud amateur hack; Hutton Management amateur riding horse.

        FRIDAY, 27 JULY

    International Arena: 10.15am, Studbook Zangersheide 1.30m ch; 11am, band of Royal Engineers; 11.20am, Osborne Refrigerators stakes; 1.05pm, Osborne Refrigerators riding horse ch; 1.20pm, Thornton amateur hunter ch; 1.35pm, Animal Therapy ridden Arabian ch; 1.50pm, working hunter ch; 2.05pm, parade; band; 2.30pm, Samsung Nations Cup.

    Horseware ring 2: 8am, Sussex speed; B&C futurity; 1.40m; Osborne Grade C ch qual.

    Cortaflex ring 3: 8am, Osborne Refrigerators sml RH; lge; 11.45am, Animal Therapy ridden Arab; 2.30pm NFU Mutual ridden PB/Anglo Arab, over 148cm; 148cm; ch.

    Whittaker ring 4: 8am, 128cm; 138cm; Squibb & Davies Jnr Foxhunter; jnr open; novice stakes.

    Baileys ring 5: 7.30am, Thornton amateur lw’t hunter; m’wt; h’wt; 10.30am, l’wt working hunter; h’wt; 1.45pm, SHB (GB) hunter b’mare; foal; y’ling colt/gelding; do, filly; 2-y-o gelding; do, filly; 3-y-o gelding; do, filly, ch.

        SATURDAY, 28 JULY

    International Arena: 10am, Osborne Refrigerators Winter Grade C ch; 11.15am, Dell Park Stud hack ch;11.30am, course-walk; 12 noon, Lotus Horse & Hound Eventing Grand Prix; 2pm, course-walk; 2.15pm, Osborne Refrigerators double harness scurry ch; 3pm, BSPS British Elite home-produced ch; 3.15pm, Continental & North Eastern Tyres small hunter ch; 3.30pm, Refco Speed Grand Prix.

    Horseware ring 2: 8am, jnr speed grand prix; 9.30am, Twineham stakes; 1.40m (ladies’ warm-up); Horse & Hound Foxhunter.

    Cortaflex ring 3: 8am, Dell Park Stud sml hack; lge; 11am, Osborne Refrigerators double harness scurry, 122cm; 148cm; 1.15pm, Continental & North Eastern Tyres small hunter; 3.30pm, Dell Park Stud ladies’ side-saddle.

    Whittaker ring 4: am: freshmens sec 1; sec 2; Studbook Zangersheide 1.30m open.

    Baileys ring 5: 8am, BSPS British Elite home-produced lead-rein; 9.20am, first ridden; 10.40am, show pony; 12 noon, SHP, 153cm; 122cm.

        SUNDAY, 29 JULY

    International Arena: 10.30am, course-walk; 10.30am, Dorian Williams Trophy; 10.35am, BHS Horsemastership Trophy; 10.45am, band; parade; 11am, Hasseroder Queen Elizabeth II Cup; 1pm, BSPS show pony ch; 1.15pm, Surrey Envelopes cob ch; 1.30pm, course-walk; 1.50pm, BHS costers’ turnout ch; 2.10pm, Winston Churchill Cup; 2.40pm, band; parade; 3pm, Traxdata King George V Gold Cup.

    Horseware ring 2: 8am, Surrey Envelopes l’wt cob; h’wt; 11.40am, Muriel Bowen amateur cob.

    Cortaflex ring 3: 8am, BSPS 128cm show pony; 9.30am, 138cm; 11am, 148cm; 12.30pm, int sml SRT;2pm, lge; 3.30pm, sml SHT; lge.

    Whittaker ring 4: 8am, BHS RC team jumping ch.

    Baileys ring 5: 8am, BSPS intermediate WH; 9.30am, Dennybeck lead-rein; first ridden; mini ch; 2pm, WHP nursery stakes; 3.30pm, Mrs C Mackness Humphrey Cushion working cob.

    Driving ground: 11.30am, BHS light trade turnout; 12.45pm, costers.

    See this week’s issue of Horse & Hound magazine (19 July) for Traxdata Royal International Horse Show previews.

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