Rocking horse theft sparks nationwide search

  • A nationwide search has been launched following the theft of Hattie, a beloved grey rocking horse, from EquestrianClearance.com on Thursday 3 December.

    The dapple-grey rocking horse, worth £1,500, was part of a promotional campaign for the Sowerby-based business, and used to occupy the front entrance of the premises to welcome visitors.

    Three-year-old Joshua Marriot was the proud owner of Hattie, and together they were the stars of the EquestrianClearance.com adverts.

    “Joshua loves sitting on her for the photo shoots and she is a very important part of his life,” explained Lorraine Meadowcroft, owner and founder of EquestrianClearance.com.

    “To think someone just walked into the entrance hall and took Hattie is quite upsetting — she is quite large and so it would definitely have taken two strong people to carry her out.”

    A £200 reward has been offered for information leading to the return of Hattie.

    “We are all doing what we can to find out who has taken her. We really want Hattie back and would appreciate any help people can give us which will lead to her safe return.”

    If you have any information, please contact Lorraine at EquestrianClearance.com, Tel: 07000 378 378

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