Organic food business victim of anti-hunt abuse

  • An organic food company has received abuse on social media for appearing to support its local hunt.

    Guy Watson, who owns Riverford Organic Farms, has been subject to criticism on Facebook and Twitter. His sister Louise is a joint-master of the South Devon.

    The hunt is allowed to ride across her land but not the parts owned by Mr Watson or Riverford Organic Farms. His sister Louise’s business sponsored the South Devon Hunter Trial.

    Customers took to social media to complain about the connection with some calling for a “boycott” on the business.

    “My latest order will be my very last because I refuse to purchase something that will financial support a hunter,” said one client.

    “Have just cancelled my regular orders and this is one very angry customer,” added another.

    Mr Watson released a statement to try and explain the position.

    “I do not hunt, never have,” Guy said.

    “My family is made up of individuals who agree on most things and disagree on a few. My sister Louise, who I love dearly, rides and hunts. I don’t agree with her but I tolerate her position.

    As a result of the statement some customers have rallied to the defense of the company.

    “Get off your ‘high horses’ everyone and look at your own lives before condemning a respectable farmer,” said Wendy Woo.

    “To hold you and Riverford accountable for the actions of others is bordering on the obsessive and scary,” Keili Lawrence added.

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