Riding school in desperate search for new premises

  • A riding school in West London is “urgently seeking” new premises as it is due to be evicted this weekend after a dispute with its landlord.

    West London Stables (WLS) is being forced to close after the Westway Trust — which is in charge of a 23-acre estate that exists for “the social and economic benefit of the local community” — has not renewed its lease.

    The lease on the property runs out tomorrow (Saturday 21 February) and there is now concern as to what will happen to the horses if a new yard cannot be found.

    Save West London Stables 1

    Riding school owner Sarah Tuvey told local press: “We might not be able to find anywhere for them in time, they may have to be put down.”

    WLS is not looking to rehome the horses individually but wants to find a new location for the business.

    “We are looking for a yard with stabling for around 16 horses and ponies within a 50 mile radius of London,” a spokesman added.

    The Westway Group has denied rumours the stables will be replaced by a roller disco and maintains that the business has been in “persistent breach of its lease”.

    “The tenant had an option to extend the lease which it did not exercise within the given timeframe,” the charity said in a statement.

    “Westway Stables Limited has been unable to operate a financially sound business

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    “Westway Trust, having examined the options, took the decision to terminate the lease.”

    The statement also maintains that the stables were notified in May that its lease would not be renewed.

    The riding school has started a social media campaign to try and give them a longer period to find a new location and has received support from members of the local area.

    “The riding school has been treated terribly,” Tweeted one supporter. “It offers a great service to the community and yet its being told to move for a skate park.”

    “More kids missing out on the chance to grow up with horses. Sad news,” added another.

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