Riders for Ascot “Masters’ Race for Repeal” confirmed

  • Twelve Masters of Foxhounds (MFHs) have been confirmed to take part in the “Masters’ Race for Repeal” at the Countryside Raceday at Ascot on Sunday 10 April.

    The Masters’ Race will be the first race of the day and is over seven furlongs.

    The 12 MFHs riding will be:
    Richard Darke — Dart Vale & South Pool Harriers
    Charles Frampton — Portman
    Richard Gurney — Old Surrey Burstow and West Kent
    Rupert Harvie — Hampshire
    Richard Hunnisett — Cottesmore
    Joss Hanbury — Quorn
    Dominic Jones — South Dorset
    Nessie Lambert — Heythrop
    Polly Portwin — Bicester with Whaddon Chase
    Kess Skinner — Kimblewick
    Bill Smith — Hursley Hambledon
    Annabel Saunders — Old Berks

    Nessie Lambert is excited about riding in a race for the first time.

    “It’s quite frightening — I have the weight of the hunt on my shoulders,” Nessie told H&H.

    “It’s certainly a challenge but as long as I stay on in the paddock I should be ok! I’m riding out for trainer Richard Phillips every morning I can and have started spinning classes — my new year’s resolution was to fine tune myself.

    “I’m getting the stirrups put up and up and now I’m sitting so high I feel like I’m going to fall off. It’s a totally different, and difficult, style of riding — my legs are so sore!”

    To sponsor the riders visit: www.countryside-alliance.org

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