Riders desert trek challenge

  • Riders raise funds for the Brooke Hospital for Animals via a gruelling five-day Jordan trek

    A 52-year-old legal secretary from Brighton will be joining 29 other riders on a five-day trek across Jordan in September to raise money for the Brooke Hospital for Animals.

    Frances King will be riding a Jordanian Arab for six hours a day in temperatures of up to 35 degrees during the 120km ride from Amman to Petra. Her nights will be spent under the stars in a traditional Bedouin tent.

    “I have supported the Brooke and its wonderful work in Egypt, Jordan, Indian and Pakistan for many years,” says Frances.

    Frances has been a horse owner for more than 10 years, but usually enjoys quiet hour-long hacks twice a week.

    “Both my horses are in their 20s so they are on light duties, although I used to hunt and take part in local competitions,” continues Frances. “However, I amnow riding as often as I can to make sure I can cope with the physical challenge of the trek.”

    The Brooke Hospital advises all riders taking part to gradually build up their riding fitness and include a two-day ride in their preparation program. Riders also need to get used to drinking around 6lts of water a day.

    “We have been warned about the heat and the power of the sun,” explains Frances. “It is vital that we drink lots of water to prevent dehydration and wear strong sunblock under our clothes, which should be made of cotton as this blocks the sun better than man-made fibres.”

    The riders will be responsible for looking after their horses during the trek, although a vet and a doctor will be travelling with the group, in case of emergency.

    “This is the second time we have organised a ride of this type,” says Claire Gough of the Brooke Hospital. “As well as enjoying a unique challenge and raising money for the Brooke, riders taking part can experience our work first-hand when they reach Petra, where we have a large clinic.”

    Each of the riders taking part in the ride have until the end of July to raise £2,000 in sponsorship.

    If you would like to support Frances in her challenge, then send a cheque made payable to “The Brooke Hospital for Animals” to Clare Gough, The Brooke Hospital for Animals, Broadmead House, 21 Panton Street, London, SW1Y 4DR. Please mark the back of the cheque with “Frances King – September 2002 Jordan Ride”.

    To find out more about The Brooke Hospital for Animals visit www.brooke-hospital.org.uk

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