Riders at risk from road rage

  • Recent online survey by www.horseandhound.co.uk shows that more riders than ever are victims of road rage

    Following our recent online survey which asked users: “Have you been a victim of road rage?”, more than 70% admitted that they had encountered serious problems with motorists while riding on the roads.

    The survey, which was posted for one week on the site and received more than 600 responses, also revealed that nearly 50% of users had been abused by drivers on more than one occasion.

    These results are backed up by Horse & Hound magazine’s recent survey in which many riders reported that drivers seem “resentful of their presence on the road”, even when they were wearing high visibility clothing and acting in accordance with the Highway Code.

    Sheila Hardy, BHS head of safety said: “The BHS/HORSE magazine survey of 1998 showed a figure of 30% of riders having experienced road rage while out hacking. This is a worrying increase, but it is not a surprise. We need motorists to understand the problems facing riders, and realise that racing past a rider can cause a serious accident that results in damage to them and their vehicle, as well as the horse and rider.

    “Riders have a part to play in ensuring that they appear friendly and co-operative to drivers. Give a wave or nod to acknowledge motorists who slow down and pull in to a gateway or field entrance if available to allow cars to past safely”

    A separate H&H Online survey showed that 75% of users regularly ride on the road due to a lack of alternative places to ride, although just 10% exercise only the road, with 65% using the roads mainly to travel between bridleways.

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