Rider taken to hospital after flapping flags cause horse to bolt

  • A Cornwall-based rider was taken to hospital on Saturday after an accident she says was caused by England flags mounted on a passing car.

    Sarah Cox was hacking six-year-old mare Maixie near Stithians on Saturday (5 June) when she was overtaken by a car with two flags of St George on the bonnet.

    The noise of the flapping flags caused the horse to break into a “flat bolt gallop” and the pair came down on the road, inches away from a second car.

    “Sarah has gravel burns on her arms and back, a 2-inch cut on the top of her head (despite wearing a hat) and serious concussion,” her mother Faith told H&H.

    Sarah, 29, was taken to Tellisk Hospital and has been signed off work.

    The mare suffered cuts to her stifle and elbow and is very nervous after her ordeal.

    Mrs Cox said she has since heard of another rider whose pony was scared by car-mounted flags.

    “The flags are a real nuisance as people who are driving do not realise the noise they make as they drive along. They really frighten horses,” she said.

    “I have a horrible feeling Sarah’s accident won’t be the last.”

    Has your horse been spooked by flags? Email charlotte_white@ipcmedia.com

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