Rider to take on sponsored ride two days after her first birthday

  • A tiny rider is preparing to take on her first sponsored ride two days after her first birthday.

    Verity Seignot and her trusty Shetland Super Noodles will be part of the Pony Pals therapy team which aims to raise £1,000 by completing the two-mile option in the Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) Quest branch sponsored ride on 14 October.

    Verity has been riding since she was two days old.

    “It was on the way back from the hospital; I said we’d better swing by the horses!” mum Caroline told H&H.

    “We’ve got a team of therapy ponies, who visit hospitals, care homes and prisons, and Super Noodles is one of them – he was also the one who came down the aisle at our wedding as the ring-bearer.

    “He and Verity have always had a bit of a connection.”

    Caroline said she is a supporter of the RDA, as “anything that links people, therapy and riding is great” and that “the things they achieve are brilliant”.

    “So when I saw this ride, I thought we’ll get involved,” she added.

    “We’re doing the two-mile lead rein option. I’m not sure if there are jumps but we’ll leave them if so, we’re not that keen!

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    “Verity rides pretty much every day; she was in a basket saddle for six months but is astride now and she can trot. She goes hacking regularly, although we do get some funny looks.

    “Riding releases endorphins and it’s calming; she actually fell asleep once in the saddle, at her first show, just nodded off during the fancy dress.

    “She finds it quite relaxing, but she thinks trotting is hilarious; she just giggles non-stop.”

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